My Pegs

RIPPIN’ came about because some guy couldn’t find a good, affordable way to sell BMX parts he had designed and prototyped… I’m that guy. My flatland peg design was by no means ground-breaking. But, because of the pegs’ diameter, the design filled a small, but in-demand niche that wasn’t currently on the market. My machining budget was far too small to create a quantity that would fly with any big name distributor and my potential profit margin wouldn’t have allowed any room for wholesaling anyway. I couldn’t risk spending all my money manufacturing a product that would get lost in the abyss of that world wide auction website that, even if I did sell a set, was going to eat most my profits anyway. And, I wasn’t going to list my pegs on an arts-and-crafts marketplace website that sells women’s purses, vintage credenzas and pottery… I realized that low production number ideas like mine had no real place on the internet to call a worthwhile home, especially not with my budget. But, I wasn’t alone. I soon found lots of small BMX, skateboard, surfing and snowboarding businesses in similar circumstances. Like they say: “Necessity is the mother of invention.”… or, in this case, innovation.

My brother and I combined our skills and, after almost 2 years, we put together RIPPIN’, the BMX, SKATE, SNOW and SURF marketplace.

RIPPIN’ is an online marketplace for product creators / small business owners within the BMX, SKATE, SNOW and SURF industries who create and need a way to sell and directly distribute their products. We hope RIPPIN’ will give everyone who has a passion for BMX, skateboarding, surfing, and snow sports a place to check out, buy and sell quality innovative products.

Have fun and tell all your friends!